First Floor 

On the first floor there is a one car garage that opens into the main part of the first floor which includes a bar area, a family room with a pool table, bathroom and laundry room, and a game room. At the front of the first floor, down in the bow of the boat, there is an area currently used for storage. 

Second Floor

On the second floor of the shiphouse there are two walnut paneled state rooms, a dining room, two bathrooms in each of the master bedrooms, a kitchen and another bedroom. These rooms also have doors leading out onto the deck area. 

Third Floor

The third floor of The Benson Ford has a total of three bedrooms, two separate bathrooms, a family room/living area with a fireplace, and a captains office designed by Henry Ford himself. 

Fourth Floor

On the fourth floor of the four-story vacation home there is a breathtaking pilot house with stunning views of Lake Erie. The pilot house includes all original equipment from the ship’s operating days. From the pilot house there is then a door that leads out onto another large deck area.