About Put In Bay


Put-in-Bay, Ohio originally became known from being the location of the legendary Battle of Lake Erie, where Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry defeated and captured 6 British war vessels marking a huge turning point in the War of 1812 by allowing America to keep control of the Great Lakes for the rest of the war and eventually defeat their opponent. In 1912 a 352ft tall monument was constructed on Put-in-Bay island to honor Perry’s victory, called Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. The monument still stands today, maintained by the historical society, and is among the tallest monuments in the United States. The monument serves as an important part of the island remembering the sacrifices made during the War of 1812. 

Put-in-Bay Now 

Put-in-Bay, also known as South Bass Island, is now known for being a major vacation destination for family fun, and also a party island with tons of nightlife and bay restaurants in the downtown Put-in-Bay area for people who like to have a great time or getaway. To get to the Lake Erie Islands you must travel by a Bay ferry such as The Miller Ferry or The Jet Express. Golf Cart rentals and Put-in-Bay taxis are the main forms of transportation around the island. 

Put-in-Bay is about an hour and a half from Cleveland and Toledo, and about an hour away from Sandusky. When looking for Put-in-Bay lodging there’s plenty of vacation rentals to choose from such as waterfront condos at The Put-in-Bay Condos, rental homes at the Island Club, and Put-in-Bay hotels and resorts on the island. 

 Sometimes referred to as the Key West of the North, there are always upcoming events and family-friendly activities to partake in on the island. Some Put-in-Bay attractions include Perry’s Cave, wineries, kayaking, South Bass Island State Park, Derivera Park, boating, jet skis, Mr. Ed’s, The Boardwalk, mini-golf, and much more.